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headach_treatmentUnfortunately, there are many people that suffer from headaches, and whether they be tension headaches or migraines, they can be debilitating to an extent that only sufferers can understand.

Headaches can affect your daily activities because they can have an incredible affect on your physical state. Trying to “think straight”, nausea, eye pain, and sensitivity to light and sound are just a few of the common symptoms headache sufferers experience. One of the first thing people do to stop a headache is run for the pain killers; however these can usually be only short-lived in their effectiveness. Once it wears off, back comes the pain and the feeling of despair coupled with the nagging question “Will I ever get rid of this”? Often the answer is a visit to your chiropractor.

Chiropractic care helps in these cases of headaches by correcting subluxations (or mis-aligned fixations) of the spinal vertebrae of the neck. Subluxations can cause the muscles of the upper shoulder and neck to tighten. This combination of subluxation and tight muscles can cause pressure and irritation on nerves which, in turn, can then cause a headache.  Chiropractors address the vertebrae in the neck and correct the bio-mechanical problems with specific adjustments. Once the correction has taken place, the irritation on the nerve is relieved and the neck and shoulder muscles are able to relax.

An important factor in the treatment of headaches with chiropractic care is that headaches caused by blocked, pinched or otherwise constricted nerves in the neck/spine areas, especially nerves that have been irritated over a period of time, can be relieved. In addition, once the pathway is “unblocked” the body will look after itself and the healthy, headache-free state will be maintained automatically.

Schluter Chiropractic works on the principle of reducing interference so the nervous system and body can work better. Providing that any symptom or condition (including pain) is occurring as a result of nerve interference from vertebral subluxation, there is a very good chance that it will improve with chiropractic care.