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posture_treatmentMost people don’t take notice of the way other people stand, walk or sit – let’s face it, there are generally more important things to do with your day! However, if you take a moment to make a point of studying the gait, stance and reclining attitude of the people around you, you will notice a varying display of “slump and slouch” postures that tend to be all too common.

Many people begin developing a generally poor posture from the time they are young. Usually it begins sitting long hours in desks while in school. Many people are also unaware of what the outcome of poor posture can produce. The unfortunate fact is that those walking, standing and sitting with poor posture are building future health problems for themselves without being aware of the fact.

Any chiropractor will happily advise you on your posture for good health. One important thing to know is that too much slouching with shoulders hunched forward is very likely, over a period of time, to cause mis-alignments in the vertebrae of the spine. These subluxations will, in turn, create interference with the normal working of the spine and the nerves associated with it. The result is that normal activity is virtually impossible without discomfort or even severe pain.

Good posture, like many things in life, is a matter of practice. Correcting subluxations can make it a little easier. The results of a healthy, subluxation free spine will be self-evident in fewer aches and pains and problems with shoulders, neck and spine; hips, knees and feet will also benefit over time.

In addition, overall health is also noticeably increased within a short amount of time. The body’s core slowly collects and strengthens itself to provide greater stamina. This enables you to last longer in many daily tasks, both physical and mental. This stamina will accumulate over time and act as a build-up and storage for later life; many believe that it effectively extends life itself.

Schluter Chiropractic works on the principle of reducing interference so the nervous system and body can work better. Providing that any symptom or condition (including pain) is occurring as a result of nerve interference from vertebral subluxation, there is a very good chance that it will improve with chiropractic care.